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Where can I buy an unbleached silk pillowcase?

Do not bleach

There are numerous reasons for seeking a silk pillowcase with the least amount of chemical processing possible. A silk pillowcase that is completely unbleached and exhibits the natural pearlescent ivory hue of the natural fibre is a thing of beauty.

If you are looking for a silk pillowcase that is unbleached or without any colouring whatsoever, you should opt for the Mayfairsilk Ivory pure silk pillowcase in 25 momme. It's the height of luxury and performance without compromising on absolute purity.

Mayfairsilk goes even further by certifying their products with OekoTex Standard 100, the highest quality standard in textiles to be free of all harmful chemicals and dyes.

With thousands of 5-star reviews from over 28 countries, Mayfairsilk is the go-to brand for people that recognise and appreciate quality. Try one out today on our 30-night sleep guarantee.

Try one out today on our 30-night sleep guarantee.