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Press Release: New Art Print Pure Silk Pillowcase Launches for Winter

Introducing Mayfairsilk's new sustainably produced Damask print silk pillowcase. Soft grey in a watercolour style on an Ivory background adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom. Designed in Mayfair London and printed using certified non-toxic dyes onto 25 momme Grade 6A Mulberry Silk with a matte finish. This all-natural breathable silk is thermoregulating and doesn't strip the natural moisture and oils out of hair and skin like cotton does.


This new design is so versatile, it compliments both classic and contemporary decor and an array of colour palettes. It's a modern watercolour style interpretation of the traditional art form originating in Damascus. Striking yet subtle, this unique silk pillowcase makes a great gift for that special someone that enjoys fine art and design. Available in two sizes, 50x75cm for £72 each (to fit Standard UK pillows) and 50x90cm for £82 (to fit Super King UK pillows).

Mayfairsilk's pure silk pillowcases are sustainably produced, renewable, don't pollute waterways with microplastics like polyester does and production emits 27,000 times less carbon per tonne of fabric than cotton. It is also biodegradable in household compost at the end of its life, saving landfill. This all-natural pillowcase has a beautiful design coupled with the tactile and health/ beauty benefits of sleeping on silk, there is little surprise as to why Mayfairsilk's pillowcases have become so popular.

A multi-award-winning British business that is inspired by timeless style, elegance and attention to detail, Mayfairsilk, is known for its industry-leading pure Mulberry silk bedding that is handcrafted in high momme silk, deliciously soft with a refined matte finish. Mayfairsilk is on a mission to elevate the sleep and wellbeing of their growing community with beautiful silk bedding that is all-natural, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, super soft, sustainable and biodegradable (at end-of-life). Shipping is available worldwide and a tree is planted with every order.

Samples: Limited samples available upon request.

Company: Mayfairsilk
Contact:  Sarah H
Phone:   +44 203 885 2223
Email:  press@mayfairsilk.com
Web:    https://mayfairsilk.com

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