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'Satin Silk' is rarely real Silk

That's right, it's most commonly 100% polyester / nylon / rayon. We often see unscrupulous merchants trying to pass off their artificial products as silk - duping buyers with the term Satin Silk. You really do have to read the fine-print and press the seller for details on the material actually used if you see a product marketed under this term or a derivative of such.

Silk is a fibre. That fibre is then weaved into a fabric. MayfairSilk uses a closely guarded weave and finishing to give our trademark smooth hand-feel, durability, thickness and modern matt sheen with rich lustre.

'Satin' is the name of a type of weave. It exhibits a glossy surface on one side with a dull reverse. It's created by floating a number of warp yarns over a single weft and so on. This causes light to refract differently to a plain weave, giving it the distinctive 'satin' look.

Unhelpfully, Satin can be made from any fibre, so the term Satin, doesn't tell you what fibre is used in the weave. It could be silk, but most commonly when marketed as Satin Silk, it will be polyester, nylon or rayon, as it's much cheaper to produce. If cotton is used it should be called Sateen.

When a merchant refers to their product being 'Satin', especially on marketplaces like Amazon, it's most likely to be weaved from a man-made fibre such as polyester (petroleum byproduct / plastic) as it's very cheap to produce. It's often marketed under the term 'Satin Silk', to deceive the average person into thinking it's silk with a bargain price tag. When in fact what they're offering is essentially a plastic sheet that looks nice. Be sceptical of merchants using this term and do your research. None of the benefits of silk are found in Satin Silk.

It's a reminder of the saying, "if something looks too good to be true, it usually is".

'Satin silk' tries to imitate silk's natural beauty, suppleness and light refraction but that's where the similarities end. It's plastic, very slippery, creates static electricity and very hot to sleep in. It's decidedly unpleasant to sleep on for longer than 30 minutes, as your body heat reflects back at you and you begin to sweat, a lot. Being plastic, it has next to no 'wicking' ability or absorption. It's much like wrapping yourself in a plastic bag for the night. It might look nice on first glance, but it offers none of the redeeming qualities of real silk.

Real silk, as used in MayfairSilk which is the highest quality available, is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, temperature regulating, durable, sustainably produced and biodegradable. It's more of an investment initially, but it's much more cost effective in the long run, when you consider your health, quality of sleep and comfort.

We hope this has been useful. Our mission is to introduce you to the gorgeous fabric and the joy in sleeping in real silk. Pure silk, with an inimitable finish.

When quality matters, we hope you give us the opportunity to show you.