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Hypoallergenic Pure Silk Bed Sheets & Duvet Covers: Extended Product Line

The updated collection includes silk bed sheets and duvet sets along with matching and complementary pillowcases. All products in this selection are fashioned from all-natural 22-25 momme long-fibre mulberry silk.

Couple sitting in bed with white silk sheets and floral pillowcase by mayfairsilk

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With the expansion of their silk bedding product line, Mayfairsilk draws attention to the impact that bedding material can have on sleep quality, allergies, and skin conditions. Cotton, which is the most common fabric used to make sheets and other bedding, has a drying effect on the skin and hair, and this can promote wrinkle formation and hair loss as people age, says the company. In addition, cotton and other fabrics are often treated with chemical dyes that may irritate the skin, and these fabrics may also attract dust mites, the leading cause of household allergies.

By contrast, Mayfairsilk’s bedding linens and duvets are made with 100% natural mulberry silk, a chemical-free, hypoallergenic fabric that is highly resistant to environmental allergens. The natural compounds in silk also discourage the growth of mould, mildew, and fungi. Because silk is composed of long, smooth fibres, it will not irritate the skin in the same way a fabric with shorter, coarser fibres might.

Mayfairsilk’s products also allow for more efficient body temperature regulation than conventional fabrics. The lattice structure and low heat conductivity of pure silk will either trap or release heat depending on the surrounding temperature, allowing the user to maintain a comfortable body temperature regardless of the season.

The silk duvet sets in Mayfairsilk’s featured collection come in several different colours. Included in each set are pillow cases, duvet covers, and fitted sheets. Customers also have the option to purchase individual pieces in the set separately and can mix and match colours to their preference.

Mayfairsilk was founded in London, and all of its products are designed locally. The company prides itself on its commitment to sustainable luxury and offers only natural, biodegradable, Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified silk made from silkworms that are fed exclusively on organically grown mulberry trees.

A satisfied customer said:

"Being a busy person, my sleep quality has to make up for the lack of sleep quantity. I love that I wake up with my hair and skin feeling soft, too. High-quality bedding from a company that puts full effort into everything they do makes me sleep better every night!"

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