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Sleep better with a 25 Momme Oxford Silk Pillowcase

Oxford silk pillowcases 25 momme by Mayfairsilk

This winter, Mayfairsilk has created a timelessly beautiful collection of pillowcases. The fabric is carefully woven and perfected to provide lasting comfort. With three colours in their subtle palette—ivory, oyster grey, and white—the versatile designs match both contemporary and classic decor styles with ease thanks to the 3cm border trimming each piece. Step up your bedroom style with this eye-catching new range available now from Mayfairsilk!

Mayfairsilk's latest release is designed to offer a range of sleep benefits, thanks its luxurious 100% Mulberry silk composition. According to Glamour magazine, sleeping on Silk helps keep skin hydrated and allows for night creams to penetrate the barrier more effectively - proving that beauty truly does come from within!

Silk pillowcases are the perfect rest companion, protecting your hair's natural oils and keeping it soft as you sleep. Silk also works as a thermostat of sorts – regulating body temperature so that hot or cold spells won't disrupt precious slumbertime!

Mayfairsilk's Oxford pillowcases offer a trifecta of benefits – beauty, health and luxurious comfort. Soft to the touch with their matte finish lustre, they have been designed for longevity; not only can you machine-wash them but also due to reduced washing requirements they last longer than cotton varieties!

Mayfairsilk has truly thought of everything when it comes to luxury sleeping! Get ready for a blissful night's rest with their range of exquisite pure silk bedding, including sheets, duvet covers and eye masks. Their pillowcases are the perfect way to add an extra touch of opulence as you drift off into dreamland.

This exclusive Oxford Pillowcase collection is your gateway to the finest quality silk bedding, boasting luxurious comfort and health benefits all in one. Every pillowcase comes with a weight of 25 momme for pure indulgence every night.

As a leading high-end bedding provider in the United Kingdom, Mayfairsilk is renowned for its exceptional quality, illustrious design and award-winning products. Designed with finesse and crafted by artisans to meet stringent standards of excellence, Mayfairsilk provides premium luxury linens along with first class customer care - an unbeatable combination that has solidified them as one of UK’s elite suppliers.

A customer found a helpful solution to her restful sleep difficulties due to menopause: a cooling silk pillowcase. She reports: “I bought this set to help with my menopausal sleeping (lack of sleeping!) pattern. The silk pillowcase has really improved my sleep because it stays cool when my head is not. Even though there are nights when I wake up, the pillowcase has definitely made a difference".

Samples: Limited samples available upon request.

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