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London Entrepreneurs Launch Finest Silk Bed Linen and Sleep Accessories Collection

The entrepreneurs behind Europe’s first carbon-neutral rally have used their time during the coronavirus lockdown to fuel their passion for self-care with a brand new business dedicated to a luxurious new range of London-designed, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bedding. Mayfairsilk, which specialises in elegant 100% mulberry silk bed linen and sleep accessories, is the new solution for those looking to elevate the feel good factor that comes from a good night’s rest. 

Mayfairsilk co-founder, Darshana Ubl said, “I have long been passionate about self-care and with our Verve Rally events postponed due to lockdown, I found that I had time on my hands to really explore this interest. Mayfairsilk blossomed as a result but it speaks to a very real need.  

Having slept in silk for years and experiencing first-hand the positive difference it has made to my hair, skin and sleep, I decided one night that I wanted to let the world in on my secret. I shared this with my partner, Marcus and from that moment on we started our journey into textiles. Sourcing and developing the finest fabrics and finishing processes, colour palette, and hand finished silk designs to create a timeless collection with unexpected details that please the senses.” 

The physical and health benefits of silk are well documented with high quality bedding long recommended by leading skin care specialists and renowned Harley Street doctors. The natural, breathable fabric helps to maintain the skin’s hydration levels and can regulate body temperature, making it easy to stay cool as summer fast approaches.

Highest quality silk bed sheets by Mayfairsilk include elegant, silky pillowcases, fitted sheets, flat sheets and duvet covers, all hand finished for an extra touch of indulgence. The exquisite linens have a specialised weave and finishing process, so they feel soft and luxurious to the touch, with a sublime matt lustre. An elegant colour palette includes classic ivory, charcoal, pale blue and midnight blue.

A curated collection of silk accessories include sleep masks, scrunchies, slim hair ties and home décor in sophisticated prints; hummingbird, garden and black and gold roses.

Mayfairsilk’s collection of silk bed sheets afford excellent resistance to dust mites, mould, and mildew, helping to maintain strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness while also being kind to skin, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. The Oeko-Tex certified material is sustainable and biodegradable, while the tight weave ensures strength and durability.

Mayfairsilk is currently offering worldwide delivery on all products. Free delivery is available to the UK and rest of the world (minimum order required).

To find out more about Mayfairsilk and shop the collection, visit mayfairsilk.com  

MayfairSilk Collection Marcus and Darshana Ubl


"After sleeping on Mayfairsilk, I noticed I didn’t get the sleep lines I usually find down my face and across my eyes when I wake up. I sleep a lot better as it keeps me cool during warmer nights. Even my son sleeps better on it which is great for me."
- Dr Terry Loong, Harley Street and South Kensington Integrative Skin & Hormone Doctor
For those suffering with eczema, the ultimate self care is high-quality silk bed sheets as part of an irritant reduction program. Use the best, most comfortable natural fabrics you can find which is why I recommend Mayfairsilk. Investing in sleep provides amazing rewards."
- Dr Harley Farmer, Founder of Execzema
"I recommend using Mayfairsilk over cotton any day as cotton being a highly absorbent fabric draws out the moisture from the night creams and serums that you may use, as well as the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, wrinkle prone and dull looking. Unlike cotton, MayfairSilk™ maintains the pH level of the skin retaining the skin’s natural moisture and its smooth texture does not create creases on your skin. Also, it being hypoallergenic, it is a must have for those suffering with acne and sensitive skin."
- Claudia Fallah, Multi-Award Winning Skin Care Specialist


Mayfairsilk was established in London by entrepreneurs Marcus and Darshana Ubl, who have been building successful businesses together since 2011. Having perfected the weave and unique soft-touch finishing, Mayfairsilk products are the new standard for quality. Designed in London, all bedding and accessories are commissioned to meet the strict criteria and expectations set out by a team that settles for nothing but the very best. 


Tel: +44 203 885 223

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