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Can an Electric Blanket be used with Silk Sheets?

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As the chill of the winter season encroaches, many are on the hunt for options to stay snug and warm during the long nights. Nothing beats the comfort residual warmth of a warm bed.

Electric blankets offer an alluring solution, but pairing them with luxurious silk sheets brings up some concerns.

At Mayfairsilk we've received a few enquiries over the years from our customers and so we thought its best to get all the information when it comes to using an electric blanket and silk sheets onto this article.

Let's delve into the intricacies of using electric blankets with silk sheets and how to make this combination work for you.

Silk and an Electric Blanket

1. Temperature Sensitivity

Silk, being a delicate fabric, demands a careful approach, especially when exposed to heat.

Given that electric blankets can heat up to 18-25 degrees, this falls below silk's general washing temperature, which is 30 degrees.

Hence, silk sheets should sustain this heat without any adverse effects.

However, maintaining a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees is crucial as too much heat can affect the longevtiy of the silk.

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2. Even Heat Distribution

Ensuring the electric blanket lies flat beneath your silk sheets is imperative. Uneven distribution, bunching, or folding can create areas of intense heat that can damage the silk fibres.

3. Safety

Like with all electric blankets, make sure to inspect yours regularly for signs of wear and tear. Always turn off the electric blanket when not in bed, even though silk is naturally fire retardant.

How to put an electric blanket on your bed

1. Read Safety Precautions & Instructions

Each electric blanket model varies. Ensure you're well-versed with its specific guidelines, from ideal usage time to the correct power source when it comes to using your new electric blanket.

2. Lay Out Blanket and Cover With Sheet

Smooth out your electric blanket on your bed, ensuring no creases.

Cover it with your silk sheet to reduce the direct heat on your skin.

3. Inspect for Damage

Frayed wires or visible faults? If so, replace your electric blanket immediately

4. Plug into a Proper Grounding Outlet

Using a proper grounding outlet decreases the risk of electric shocks.

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5. Adjust the Setting Controls

Find a comfortable temperature setting, making sure not to exceed the recommended heat level. Use timer functions or shut-off mechanisms for added safety.

How Should You Take Care Of Your Electric Blanket Properly?

  • Reviwe the safety features listed by the manufacturer, including the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.
  • Before storing, ensure the blanket has cooled down completely.
  • Roll the blanket gently for storage, avoiding any creases.
  • Check for loose connections and replace worn out or damaged cords and controllers.
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What NOT To Do With Your Electric Blanket

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  • Do not sleep with the electric blanket on all night. Most electric blankets are designed to warm up your bed and then to be turned off before you go in for that sound sleep.
  • Don't use the blanket if it's wet or if you are sweating of experiencing high body temperature.
  • Avoid piling on heavy blankets atop the electric blanket.
  • Always supervise children or pets around electric blankets.


1. Are electric blankets safe?
Yes, when used as per the manufacturer's guidelines. However, they should never be left on while sleeping.

2. Can you put an electric blanket over a mattress topper?
Yes, it's best positioned between the bottom sheet the topper and your sheet for optimum performance.

3. Can you put an electric blanket under a mattress topper?
While possible, it's not recommended for thick mattress toppers.

4. Can you put a blanket over an electric blanket?
Yes, but ensure it doesn't lead to overheating to avoid damaging it.

5. Can I use an electric blanket all night?
No, it's advised to turn it off before sleeping.

Ways to Stay Warm in Bed Without an Electric Blanket

If you don't have central heating or underfloor heating with heat settings in your home and you are hesitant about using an electric blanket or simply choose not to, there are several other methods to ensure a warm and comfortable sleep throughout the night:

1. Switch to Pure Silk Sheets

Silk is thermoregulating, keeping you warm during cold nights.

Pure silk is not to be mistaken with cheaper material 'satin' which is made of polyester and is not breathable and can cause static.

Pure silk bedding can be machine washed and keeps you snuggly in colder months.

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2. Opt for Thicker Bedding

Consider updating your current bed set with a more substantial, warmer duvet or comforter to ensure maximum warmth.

Opt for wool, duck feather or silk filled duvets as most blankets, duvets and comforters made from polyester fail to keep you comfortable at night.

3. Heated Mattress Pads

These pads offer warmth with the benefit of lower voltage use and better temperature control than traditional electric blankets.

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4. Hot Water Bottles

A classic solution, fill a hot water bottle with warm water (avoiding boiling temperatures) and position it at the foot of your bed.

Ensure it's wrapped in a cloth or towel to avoid any potential burns.

5. Layer Up

On particularly chilly nights, don clothing like thermal underwear, warm sweaters, and snug socks.

Avoid winter wear made of synthetic fibres such as polyester as they are not as effective. Instead choose natural fibres such as wool or cashmere.

Better to have few quality things than to buy cheaper quality money to save money but land up paying the price by having your health suffer.

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6. Consider a Space Heater

A compact, safe space heater can be an effective way to warm up your bedroom. Remember to adhere to safety guidelines and switch it off before you sleep.

7. Embrace Shared Warmth

The natural body heat from a partner, or even a cuddly pet, can add a layer of warmth to your sleeping environment.

Time to snuggle up!

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Yes, electric blankets and silk sheets can coexist with the right care and caution.

Keep your winter nights toasty, but always prioritise overheat protection plus safety, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury and warmth.

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