正如《时尚芭莎》、《嘉人》、《晚间标准》等杂志所见• 全球送货• 满 £50 英国境内免运费。

Pop-up store in Chelsea

On a warm, midsummer's day, the elements couldn't have been more in our favour. The occasion saw Mayfairsilk Rewards Club members and curious passersby delve into the mesmerising world of pure silk pillowcases, sheets, eye masks, scrunchies and other accessories at a pop-up store in Chelsea.

It was not just an opportunity to browse and shop; this pop-up event was a unique rendezvous between our patrons and the people behind Mayfairsilk. For a brand that exudes luxury, exclusivity, and craftsmanship, meeting founders Marcus Ubl and Darshana Ubl was akin to peering into the soul of the brand. Their shared passion for providing top-quality silk products was palpable as they interacted with attendees, enriching the overall shopping experience.

Rewards Club members got to witness the summer 2023 Palms collection before anyone else, their privilege as loyal patrons. The unveiling of the new collection was an intimate affair, showcasing the brand's dedication to its clientele and desire to make them feel valued and unique. The palpable anticipation was replaced by admiration and excitement as the attendees got the chance to touch, feel, and appreciate the plush, luxurious texture of the Palms collection in person.

In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Mayfairsilk's Chelsea pop-up was organized in collaboration with Marici London, a luxury accessories brand specializing in plant-based alternatives to plastic. This partnership proved to be an embodiment of shared values, promoting luxury without compromising our dedication to the environment.

This exciting event was not only about showcasing products; it was about immersing the attendees in the true essence of Mayfairsilk. Visitors got a firsthand understanding of the brand's commitment to offering only the highest quality products while upholding environmentally sustainable practices. The pop-up served as a testament to Mayfairsilk’s dedication to its customers, providing them with an exclusive sneak peek into the future while affirming its commitment to a sustainable future.

The pop-up highlighted cherished interactions, the sense of community, and the shared appreciation for luxury and sustainability, all echo in the brand's promise - bringing luxury to everyday life while respecting the world we live in.