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Full steam on! Fridja Steamers x Mayfairsilk

Fridja F10 Steamer with all accessories


Today marks the kickoff of Mayfairsilk stocking the Fridja F10 handheld steamer for silk bedding.  It's a collaboration brewed from appreciation, where sublime quality meets day-to-day practicality for silk enthusiasts.

"Our affection for the Fridja F10 steamer extends beyond mere words. This nifty device aligns seamlessly with the needs of silk bedding, making it an ideal companion for our products," says Marcus Ubl, the cofounder of Mayfairsilk.

To celebrate this union, Mayfairsilk is thrilled to stock Fridja's F10 steamer in classic black and white, available for next-day delivery (within the U.K) when ordered alongside our exquisite silk bedding, or even on its own.

In a special gesture, members of the esteemed Mayfairsilk Rewards Club can use their rewards credit to bring home this essential tool for silk care.

Unpacking Fridja’s F10 Handheld Steamer:
Versatile Steam Settings:
The F10 steamer adeptly navigates between robust creases and delicate fabrics with its adjustable steam settings.

Extended Steaming:
Its detachable 260ml anti-calcium water tank facilitates 14 continuous minutes of steaming.

Delicate Fabric Guard:
Specifically designed for protection and optimal performance on luxury silk bedding and delicate items.

Powerful Steam Output:
Despite its compact size, the F10 boasts a 1500watt heater, equating to significant steaming power.

Built-in Iron Plate:
This hybrid feature allows for efficient steaming and ironing of a variety of fabrics with the stainless steel heated bar on the steamer head. 

Collar Press:
Achieve crisp collars and immaculate cuffs effortlessly.
Portable Hanger: A convenient, foldable hanger accompanies each steamer.

Water Bottle Adapter:
The adapter’s compatibility with water bottles makes it an ideal travel companion.

Safety and Convenience:
With a long power cable and auto shut-off feature, the F10 ensures safety alongside convenience.

For more information about Mayfairsilk, please contact: Sarah H. on press@mayfairsilk.com, or +44 203 885 2223.

About Mayfairsilk
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