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Mayfairsilk Proudly Sponsors The Luxury Network Event Featuring Renowned Designer Jimmy Choo OBE

Marcus and Darshana Ubl with Jimmy Choo in London

London, December 7, 2023 

Mayfairsilk, an esteemed brand known for its high-quality silk products, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the exclusive Luxury Network event. This prestigious gathering was held on December 5, 2023, at the illustrious Penthouse at The Doulton, boasting panoramic views of the River Thames and the House of Parliament at Albert Embankment.

The event offered guests a unique opportunity to experience an exclusive preview of The Atelier London’s latest haute couture collections. The highlight of the evening was an intimate Q&A session with the legendary Creative Director, Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, a globally recognized designer renowned for his exquisite shoe designs for high-profile figures, including the late British Princess of Wales, Diana.

Since 2017, Professor Jimmy Choo has expanded his artistic repertoire, joining THE ATELIER as Design Director and Creative Director. His focus has shifted from iconic footwear to the intricate world of wedding dresses and haute couture, bringing to life garments that encapsulate the dreams and aspirations of women globally.

A key feature of the evening was an enlightening interview conducted by Helena Warren from The Luxury Network.

Ms. Warren engaged Professor Choo in a deep conversation about his journey as a designer, his passion for craftsmanship, and his vision for the future of haute couture. This interview provided invaluable insights into what the fashion world can expect from Atelier's new collection in the upcoming season.

Following the interview, attendees were treated to a spectacular fashion show, where models showcased the latest designs from The Atelier London. The collection featured dresses made from the finest fabrics, adorned with exquisite detailing, exemplifying the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

The event was further graced by the presence of Mayfairsilk's founders, Darshana Ubl and Marcus Ubl, who joined Professor Jimmy Choo for a commemorative photograph, symbolising their collaboration and shared dedication to luxury and excellence.

“Meeting with Professor Jimmy Choo, reinforced our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and the pursuit of elegance in every design and detail" says Marcus Ubl.

Mayfairsilk, alongside other esteemed sponsors like Fortnum and Mason and Wheely, was proud to support this celebration of luxury, fashion, and innovation. This event not only showcased the latest in high fashion but also highlighted the synergy between leading brands put together by The Luxury Network in creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

About Mayfairsilk:

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