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International Women’s Day: An Interview with Mayfairsilk Co-Founder Darshana Ubl

What does being a female founder mean to you?

Female founders are quite underrepresented, so it’s important to me to work with people who recognise the untapped potential and value in female-powered businesses.
We work with people who are fantastic at what they do, and it’s an added bonus that there is a large representation of females in that mix.

What has been your proudest moment since founding Mayfairsilk?

There have been lots of pinch me moments (as well as lots of sleepless nights!) and it’s hard to choose just one. I guess I’ll summarise it by saying I’m most proud of the fact that after four years of research we finally decided to take the plunge in the world of silk and invest in the commodity and our future customers sleep in 2020.
We launched Mayfairsilk in the midst of the lock down not knowing how well our products would be received - and am so glad that we did.
It’s been life-changing in more ways than I could have imagined, but I’m proud we’ve made it this far – with a brand and products we are truly passionate about, and a life where I get to help others sleep and feel better every night!
We are delighted with the customer reviews from all over the world and the recent surge in demand of Mayfairsilk in other parts of the world such as the Middle East and Americas.

What top tips could you recommend for managing a healthy work life balance?

I am a sleep evangelist – a good night’s sleep can impact every aspect of your life. Although I must admit that I am a bit of a night owl and go to sleep late, I ensure I get my 8 hours sleep on my silk bedding. But the game changer for me was the Mayfairsilk sleep mask which helps me block off the light completely. Also I am mindful in putting my phone away in the evenings at least 2-3 hours before sleeping, never having my laptop in the bedroom and having a wind down routine to help get from work into ‘sleep’ mode.

A 6-Step Wind Down Routine to Better Sleep

We interviewed the cofounder of Mayfairsilk, Darshana Ubl on how she manages to look a decade younger and her secret to beauty sleep and winding down well.
Here is what she shared:
"For the longest time I used to struggle with sleep. It took me ages to sleep and I used to toss and turn constantly. But my journey into sleep psychology and silk has helped me change that and here is a 20min wind down routine I follow most nights and it helps me sleep soundly, like a baby."

1. Signalling your body

Letting your body know it's time to go to bed. For me this starts with the sound of the kettle boiling and making myself and a nice cup of Pukka Night Time Tea (with lavender, camomile & other sleep inducing herbs). At this point I plug in my phone for a charge, outside of the bedroom (which I've not been next to for a few hours as I like having gadget-free evenings as far as I can).

2. Sound Therapy

Before entering my bedroom, I press play on my sleep playlist that has some soft tunes that helps induce sleep. I love music and strongly believe it has the power to transform our mood.

3. Scent Therapy

Next, I light a candle that has lavender as a part of it next to my bedside table - it adds a bit of sleep time fairy dust into the room. Occasionally I'll use an aromatherapy balm or spray.

4. Cleanse

I then wash my face, brush my teeth, occasionally I'll follow a skin care routine (I'm a bit of a tom-boy when it comes to that and therefore only occasionally). But after washing my face I spritz my skin with natural rose water.

5. Slide into Silk

Step back into the bedroom, slide into my gorgeous silk sheets. This is the time I cherish and look forward to every night. I just love the feeling of being cocooned in Mayfairsilk and knowing that tens of thousands of people are experiencing this level of comfort each night. I then switch off the music and inhale deeply the scent of the candle before blowing it off (at which point if you notice, the candle gives our the most scent). I ensure I have my silk sleep mask handy, either on my face or slid up over my forehead to slip on when necessary, (the smallest amount of light can disturb my sleep - even if it's a tiny light on a gadget).

6. Mind and Heart

As a business owner the amount of 'To-Do's' are relentless and there is always more that needs to be done. The list is long and the glass can be half empty. But a good night's sleep ensures you have the band width to deal with things the next day. So bearing that in mind, I consciously switch off the brain and focus on the glass half full. If the brain prompts an action, I scribble it on the notepad I keep on my bedside table. Then as my head lays down on the silk pillowcase, I make it a point to think of all the wonderful things that happened in the day, thank the people in my life and my body for keeping me in good health.

I believe in the saying "What we focus on, expands".

I've found that if I focus on comfort, more comfort comes towards me and if I focus on love, more love comes into my life. Call it manifestation or magic, it works!
I spend a few minutes here till my heart feels topped up with gratitude. I reach out and squeeze my partners hand, I mumble a few loving words (which seep into his subconscious too), and then it's time to say 'good night' at which point after a few minutes I'm in a deep sleep slumber.

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