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Get the best sleep on the hottest summer night with MayfairSilk

Silk benefits

You don’t need fancy air-con to stay cool when the mercury rises. Silk bedding has a luxurious look and feel, that makes getting into bed a real pleasure, but did you know it can also help you sleep better in hot weather? The temperature of our sleeping environment is vital to getting a good night’s rest and MayfairSilk™ naturally stays cool to the touch thanks to its thermoregulating properties. 

Our Mulberry Silk bed linen has excellent air permeability and thermoregulation, meaning the skin breathes easily and you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is partly due to its low heat conductivity and lattice structure that traps air to keep you warm in the cold and vents excess heat when you're hot. A gift of nature.

And it’s no surprise that among our most enthusiastic clientele are menopausal women. Uncomfortable symptoms like hot flushes can make night-time a misery, sending the body's thermostat haywire. Recommended by menopause experts, the thermoregulating properties of MayfairSilk™ keep you cool and comfortable. No more night sweats and getting drenched at night because MayfairSilk™ bed linen naturally wicks away excess moisture and it evaporates quickly. What’s more, common menopause symptoms like stressed, dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin are soothed by the soft, smooth natural fibres of silk that reduce irritation and help you relax.

Launched in May 202, MayfairSilk™’s range of bed linen and home wears are designed in London, carefully crafted from Mulberry Silk and hand-finished. Our range is made with a higher momme rating than our competitors, translating into more silk per square inch, luxurious to the touch and durable for daily use. Pillowcases start from £59, and come in a variety of colours and bold printed silk.

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