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Mayfairsilk wins Business Elite Awards 2022

Award-winning MayfairSilk - Most outstanding bedding store 2022

Mayfairsilk wins the SME News’ Business Elite Awards of 2022 for the Most Outstanding Bedding Store, 2022 - London

The Business Elite Awards celebrate those enterprises who consistently provide the best services and products for their clients, allowing them to stand out within their representative fields.The Business Elite Awards 2022 are handpicked by SME News Magazine and are based purely on comprehensive analysis and research undertaken by the wider group.
This proven approach ensures that the award on merit, not popularity and recognise the very best in business.
The announcement of this prestigious award coincides with the start of the new year, a time in which many people make new resolutions and commence new life and home improvement projects. If one of these resolutions is to engage more in acts of self-care, then Mayfairsilk is proud to offer its 100% Mulberry silk bedding to customers.
A number of studies have shown that sleeping in silk improves a person’s sleep quality by enhancing the body’s ability to regulate temperature. It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies.


Visit https://mayfairsilk.com for more information.

Contact: Sarah H 
Email:     press@mayfairsilk.com 
Phone:   +44 203 885 22

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