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Collection: Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Snuggle in with an exquisite Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (UK Standard / US Queen), carefully handcrafted from the finest 25 Momme Silk with our bespoke weave and finish.

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    Damask Oxford Pure Silk Pillowcase
    NEW | Oxford Border | Pure Mulberry Silk | 25 Momme
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    Oyster Grey Oxford Pure Silk Pillowcase - Grey Piping
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    Ivory Oxford Pure Silk Pillowcase - Grey Piping
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Reducing Hair Breakage

Our Mulberry Silk pillow covers maintain hair hydration and reduce hair tangles, frizz, and pulling throughout the night. This makes each morning easier, by reducing unruly bed hair, less frizz, unnecessary breakage and hair loss.

Wonder which one is better - silk or satin pillowcases?

Both pillowcases are known for reducing friction and therefore less hair breakage. However, silk pilllowcases are considerablly better that its synthethic satin pilllowcase counterpart, as the latter creates static, is clammy and hot because it does not breathe or have the same thermoregulating properties of natural silk. Silk just feels softer and more luxurious to sleep on.

Soothing to the skin

Silk pillow covers have proven to be a lifesaver for people with sensitive skin, especially for eczema and acne. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and free from harmful chemicals and dyes, Mayfairsilk is extremely kind to the skin.

Silk pillow cases are extremely soft on the skin. Cotton, flannel, and wool, which are rough short fibres, can generate creases, lines, and accelarate wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, lips and cheeks. You don't have to suffer irritation from your bedding any longer.

Sleep Soundly

Silk fabrics are breathable and temperature regulating to help your body maintain an optimum sleeping temperature. In the summer, silk is naturally cooling and vents excess heat. In the winter, it provides an insulation barrier, creating an air pocket between the lattice structure to warm you up into that optimum temperature band.

Silk bedding achieves this climate control through an intricate mechanism of thermoregulation that modern science has been studying to try and emulate.

Being a naturally breathable fabric with exquisite tactile pleasure, it promotes a dreamy, restful night's sleep.

There simply isn't a more ideal, luxurious, comfortable fabric to sleep on for 3,000 hours over the next year, or 30,000 hours over the next decade than Mayfairsilk.

Read more from leading experts on why they recommend Mayfairsilk.

Browse our collection of 25 Momme Pure Silk Pillowcases and try what we believe are the best silk pilllowcases. Our 30 night money back guarantee is designed to give you the confidence to invest in our luxury silk pillowcase for a better nights sleep.

Our real silk pillowcase in 25 momme silk in a matte finish with OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification for quality has 13.6% more silk per square inch than 22 momme, and over 30% more than 19 momme.

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"Bought as a present for my daughter. Arrived on time and beautifully presented. My daughter is delighted with the pillow case saying it's the best luxury silk pillowcase she's ever had."

Peter B.

30 DEC 2021

"Very soft and nice pillowcase. I love it, it's my first silk pillowcase but now I don't want to go back to cotton!"

Sheldon A.

16 SEP 2020

"A friend recommended this website and I can now see why. Wonderful customer service, timely service and my white pillowcase with charcoal piping is nothing short of exquisite."

Karen W.

21 NOV 2021

Sleep better with 100% pure Mulberry Silk pillow cases in 25 momme

Our UK Standard Silk Pillow Cases (US Queen Silk Pillowcase) are naturally hypoallergenic, impeccably smooth, temperature regulating and reduce hair breakage and frizz.  

Our silk pillowcases are free from all harmful chemicals and dyes in manufacturing and they naturally reduce the formation of dust mites, fungus, mould, and other allergens.

Measuring 50 x 75cm, our standard silk pillow cases are designed to perfectly fit the width of a UK King bed (measuring 5ft / 150cm across).

All our silk pillow cases are handcrafted from the highest Grade 6A long-fibre Mulberry Silk and have become recognised as the ultimate sleep accessory due to the advantages they offer for your skin and hair. 

Silk has been regarded as the Queen of Textiles for over 4 millennia, and a prized secret of the orient for 2.5 millennia due to it's exquisite feel and ability to maintain your skin's natural beauty and youthfulness.

Recommended by dermatologists and hairdressers, Mayfairsilk helps your skin and hair to smoothly slide across the pillow at night. Conversely, cotton absorbs and retains moisture from your skin and hair, causing unwanted sleep wrinkles and hair breakage.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin, silk is a hypoallergic natural fibre which protects your precious skin and hair!

This is why it's important to invest in the best silk pillowcase available.


Every night your hair endures hours of being pressed against your pillow. This constant friction leads to dry, frizzy hair, more prone to split ends and of course, a more difficult hairstyle to manage in the morning.

Regardless of your hair type - fine, thick, curly, dry or oily, our lush, exquisite and impeccably comfortable, silk pillowcases offer a wonderful alternative to ensure your tresses will be tangle free with greater luminance.


Far less absorbent than classic cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases won't extract the moisture and oils from your skin overnight. Silk pillowcases decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting your skin’s natural hydration. Hypoallergenic and calming to the skin, the super-smooth texture not only feels great but helps you avoid facial sleep creases.

Upgrade your bedtime beauty regime with the best silk pillowcase, expertly crafted from the finest 25 momme silk.

Once you place your order with us, sit back and relax while our team carefully prepares and dispatches it by tracked courier directly to your doorstep.

You will be in good company with our rapidly growing community of delighted customers in over 29 countries around the world sleeping on Mayfairsilk (at the time of writing) including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Qatar, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and Ireland to name just a few.

We look forward to hearing from you after benefiting from this everyday luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I use a high quality silk pillowcase?

Adding a silk pillowcase to your sleep routine can help retain your skin's natural moisture. In other words, they won't dehydrate your skin and hair like cotton does.

Silk pillowcases are also a better option for people suffering from acne as it's hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial.
Likewise, if you have sensitive skin, high quality silk pillowcases are the best choice as they are hypoallergenic, mite resistant, free from harmful chemicals and dyes and calms the skin and nervous system.

Silk's breathability, moisture wicking and tactile properties will produce the most comfortable night sleep.

Along with this, it reduces sleep creases which help prevent deeper wrinkles forming overnight and reduces hair frizziness / matting in the morning.

What are the pros and cons of silk pillowcases?

There are many opinions and myths about silk pillowcases.
So here is the low down on the pro's and con's.


• Improves hair lustre and reduces tangles/ frizziness/ breakage
• Hair stays softer and smoother for a longer period
25 Momme Mulberry Silk - highest grade 6A long-fibre
• Requires less frequent washing than cotton
• Super soft, comfortable and incredibly smooth
Hypoallergenic, non-irritating and dust mite resistant
Temperature regulating for optimum sleep
• When following our care instructions, silk bedding can have a longer lifetime use than cotton
• Sustainable - producing 1kg of silk emits 800x less carbon than cotton and other fabrics
• Doesn't pollute our waterways with microplastics like polyester / synthetic fibres do


• Due to the intricate process of creating silk in terms of both time and skill, it has a larger upfront investment than other fabrics
• Requires some small additional care when washing (machine-washable).

Are silk pillowcases good for hair?

Yes, silk pillowcases are recommended by many top hairdressers as they preserve your hair's natural oils and moisture. This, along with its smooth action whilst sleeping, helps prevent breakage, matting, hair kinks, frizziness, and knotted hair in the morning.

Both oily, dry, curly and red hair alike all benefit from silk's natural properties. Many customers find it even extends their blow dry for a few days.

Do silk pillowcases feel hot or cause sweating?

No, they don't. Quite on the contrary, the high quality silk we use is breathable and temperature regulating to maintain your optimum sleeping climate. If you overheat in the summer, silk is naturally cooling and vents excess heat. In the winter, it provides an insulation barrier if you're cold, creating an air pocket between the lattice structure to warm you up into that optimum temperature band.

With its calming and climate control properties, Mayfairsilk helps you enjoy a deeper, super comfortable sleep without disturbance.

Are silk pillowcases difficult to look after? Are they machine-washable?

Well, not all silk can be machine-washed, however Mayfairsilk most definitely is machine-washable! This makes it easy to care for when you follow a few simple care instructions:

1) Wash silk separately using a delicate detergent designed for silk/wool.
2) Our silk pillowcases, being 25 Momme can be machine-washed on a delicate cycle or hand-washed.
3) Do not use fabric softeners or optical brighteners. Do not tumble dry. For drying, simply place between two cotton towels and they will absorb 80% of the water out of the silk, then simply hang dry in the shade.
4) Iron inside out whilst slightly damp, or steam to relax any creases. Your body heat will also relax creases over a few days.
5) Bed making: Here is a quick and simple method for putting a silk pillowcase on a pillow without ‘tugging’, as that can cause tearing over time. Roll/scrunch the pillowcase into a ring (shaped like a doughnut). Now fold the pillow lengthwise and pinch in the middle, insert pillow into the pillowcase ring. Align the corners of the pillow with the end corners of pillowcase and unroll gently using your other hand. Once fully unrolled, align pillow corners and close the envelope pocket. Reshape and place on the bed.

Is it appropriate to give just one silk pillow case as a gift and not a set?

We have found our customers gifting individual silk pillowcases to friends and relatives for birthdays, christmas and other important events as they are unique, thoughtful and beautifully packaged in individual gift boxes.

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