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How to care for silk?

care instructions

Silk is an investment in your sleep, health and beauty. Following these care instructions will ensure silk's natural properties are maintained. It will look and feel as lustrous and smooth as the day you bought it, for many many years to come. 

Caring for MayfairSilk - 3 simple guidelines: 

1) Use low heat (tepid water <30ºC / 86ºF). Machine or hand-wash. 

2) Only use detergent designed for silk - delicate (pH neutral, no enzymes). No fabric softener. 

3) Towel/Air Drying (no tumble drying). Optional: Cool iron on reverse, or steamer with silk attachment.

Read on for detailed care instructions for each product. 


Machine Washing
Your MayfairSilk fabrics can be machine-washed or hand-washed in cool-warm water (less than 30ºC or 86ºF) inside out (recommended to use a delicates bag for extra protection in the washing machine). If using a washing machine, switch it to the delicate cycle.

care instructions

Washing Detergent - pH neutral, without enzymes
Importantly you must use a pH neutral delicate detergent without enzymes.  The enzymes in standard washing detergents attack proteins on fabric during washing to dislodge it, however as silk fibre is made from protein, these enzymes attack the silk structure and quickly damage the fabric, reducing the life, sheen, suppleness and softness in short order. When coupled with a delicate detergent designed for silk/wool, your MayfairSilk bed linen will provide the ultimate in comfort for many many years as beautiful as the day you bought it.  One last word about washing - keep the fabric softener for your cottons. Fabric softeners will clog the silk fibres and reduce its lustre and natural suppleness.

MayfairSilk dries remarkably quickly on the line. Upon removing your silk from washing, do not wring, gently squeeze some of the excess water.

Lay some clean light coloured cotton towels on the floor and place your MayfairSilk product on top and gently roll in a log-like fashion, so the silk is inside a roll of cotton. Gently squeeze, do not wring.  Unravel, reposition the silk and repeat before hanging your MayfairSilk to dry outside in the shade or inside out of direct sunlight.

Creases from drying will relax after a few days use, but if you want a freshly ironed look, it's best to iron inside out on a cool setting while still slightly damp (not completely dry).

This will relax the creases and enhance the lustre. Alternatively, you can use steamer with the silk attachment.

Dry Cleaning
Always an option, but we find unnecessary (do not to use trichloroethylene).

MayfairSilk Deep Sleep Eye Mask


Your MayfairSilk Deep Sleep Eye Mask will provide many years of use when you follow these simple care instructions:

  • We recommend hand-washing your silk sleep mask in cool-warm water (less than 30ºC or 86ºF) using only a delicate pH neutral liquid detergent without enzymes like Ecover Delicate or others designed for silk products. This is probably the most important element to maximise the life span of the silk as the enzymes in standard washing detergents attack proteins on fabric during washing to dislodge it, however as silk is created from natural proteins, these enzymes attack the silk structure and quickly damage the fabric, reducing the life, sheen, suppleness and softness in short order.
  • When it comes to drying your sleep mask we recommend air drying in the shade. Do not wring or tumble dry. For faster drying you can place on a clean and dry cotton old towel and gently press. The silk will quickly transfer the excess water into the cotton and will air dry quite quickly.

MayfairSilk is hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-mould and anti-bacterial. Our bed linen and lifestyle products require less frequent cleaning than regular fabrics, as they don't absorb moisture, sweat and dirt deep into the fibre so it doesn't become a breeding ground for bacteria and dust-mites like cotton.

Unlike traditional silk, MayfairSilk is made using a special weave in a heavier weight, making it more durable and machine-washable with a gorgeous matte finish and supple hand feel.

"Buy well, buy once. Quality lasts."