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Pillow talk with Dr Terry

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Pillow talk with Dr. Terry – on confidence, silk and skincare

Dr. Terry is a renowned Integrative Skin & Hormone Doctor in London with over 14 years of experience. Her initial training was as a surgeon and in 2007 she specialised in Aesthetic Medicine.

Harley Street and South Kensington based, she is the author of the book ‘Hormonal Acne Solution’ which provides a solution for clear skin without relying on antibiotics, birth control pills or Roaccutane.

Another feather in her cap is having been the global skincare expert for the international brand -The Body Shop.

She is active in helping women and shares her insights at the British Menopause Society and other institutions. We wanted to know first-hand from this age defying wonder woman on some tips around skin health and avoiding skin problems.

Dr Terry LoongDr Terry, please share with us what inspired you to focus on skin issues and become a doctor?

Skin problems can often impact one’s confidence. Loss of confidence manifests itself in many ways such as feeling self-conscious, staying in an abusive relationship, not being able to ask for that promotion you so deserve and many times feeling like you are not in control of your life.

I’ve had the first-hand experience of being bullied in school as I suffered from acne. It was something that my mother suffered from too as a child and it had left scars and pigmentation on her which impacted her confidence greatly.

As a child I would dream of growing up to be a doctor who could help those like my mother. Unfortunately, my mother passed away at the age of 46 when I was only 19 and I could not treat her. Losing my mother, my role model, made me even more determined to pursue that dream and I promised myself that I will not stop till I have achieved it. Needless to say, I studied medicine to become a doctor and I carved my path after leaving hospital medicine in 2007 to further specialise in aesthetic medicine and skin. I then went on to study nutrition, hormone balancing and functional medicine.

Over the last decade I have been able to help numerous people regain and retain their skin health making them feel their best. I can see how this has positively impacted their confidence and they’ve not been shy when it comes to making changes with their work, improving their personal relationships, being kinder to one’s self and feeling more in control of their lives. This is what inspires me. 

You mentioned that sleeping on pure silk can be beneficial for the skin. Please explain how this works.

Pure silk is great because it is a natural fabric which doesn’t crease the skin so prevents formation of static lines (wrinkles) when we sleep. It also doesn’t absorb moisture from the skin like cotton does and so it prevents the skin and hair from getting dry and dehydrated. The luxurious feeling is an extra bonus to help one sleep better. 

You have worked with the British Menopause society helping women who are dealing with issues relating to perimenopause and menopause. How can sleeping on silk help these women?

100% Pure Mulberry Silk like Mayfairsilk has thermoregulating properties which can help women undergoing perimenopause and menopause but first let me explain a little more in detail how this works.

Menopause is diagnosed in retrospect - 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual period. The average age of menopause in UK is 50-51 years old. However, Perimenopause is the time coming up to menopause and women notice changes in their periods while having symptoms similar to Menopause (for example, hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety). Perimenopause typically starts from 40 years old but can sometimes be as early as 35. Perimenopause systems occur due to fluctuating hormone levels which affect the eggs in the woman’s ovaries. Menopause symptoms occur when the ovaries run out of functioning eggs and no longer produces hormones.

Perimenopause and menopause symptoms can be divided into vasomotor, physical, psychological and urogenital. One of the most common symptoms is hot flushes and night sweats which can range in severity and really affect sleep. Lack of sleep also worsens symptoms, so it becomes a vicious cycle.

Many patients have described feeling all drenched at night having to wake up to change their pyjamas and their pillowcase/sheet. There are also periods of chills as the body is trying to cool down after a hot flush. 

Silk can help regulate the temperature so it stays cool when it’s hotter and warms up when it’s colder. It’s also breathable and has moisture-wicking properties so the material doesn’t get soaked with sweat and is able to dry quicker. Being hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant it can reduce irritation for sensitive skin.

What difference did you feel after sleeping on Mayfairsilk?

To be honest, I had to negotiate with my 4-year-old son who loved the pillowcase and wanted to sleep on it instead. He calls it the “Magic Pillow”. 

After sleeping on Mayfairsilk I noticed I didn’t get the sleep lines I usually find down my face and across my eyes when I wake up. I sleep a lot better as it keeps me cool during warmer nights. Even my son sleeps better on it which is great for me.

What would your top tip be for better skin?

Over the years due to my formal training and experience in dealing with patients, I have gathered many useful tips for better skin.

One simple tip that is easy to incorporate is to keep at least 3 hours from your last meal to your bedtime. By doing so you digest the food before you sleep. If you are digesting your food whilst you sleep, the blood flow and the body’s energy is directed towards your digestive system, instead of towards your skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation process that takes place overnight. I’ve found people who eat their meals too close to their bedtime often have disrupted sleep and a higher tendency to get dark circles under the eyes or wake up with a headache.

Your favourite quote:

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty" - Coco Chanel

For more about Dr. Terry please visit her website here.

Mayfairsilk is delighted to have Dr. Terry as one of our experts. To find out more about how our fabrics help your sleep, improve hair and skin complexion, see more on the benefits of silk.

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