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12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her and the Couple

12th year wedding anniversary gift ideas

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 12 years since you two said “I do” on your wedding date. Three cheers for a dozen years!

Many people are aware of anniversary gift themes such as platinum for 20 years, silver for 25 years, and gold for 50 years. However, the other milestones have received less attention but are no less significant. Every year of marriage is a commitment to one another of companionship, understanding, love, compromise, pleasure, sadness, and growth. So every year together deserves special recognition.

What is the traditional 12th wedding anniversary gift?

According to the traditional theme wedding anniversary, the perfect gift for the 12th year of marriage is silk, otherwise called the silk anniversary.

Silk is often used as a symbol of luxury, wealth and good fortune. It is the most precious textile in the world famously known as the ‘Queen of textiles’ and is gifted for anniversaries like the 12th wedding anniversary. Silk and fine linen being a home textile represents the life a couple has built together along with wealth, comfort, and beauty. It is a reminder of all the happy memories shared by the couple over the past twelve years.

Silk also symbolizes trust and loves everlasting quality.

What is the modern gift alternative?

The modern theme alternative is pearl jewellery, however we believe there is no substitute for the beauty and tactile pleasure of silk and it's something the couple can enjoy together.

Silk Anniversary Gift Ideas

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Bedding when crafted from high "momme" fabric not only looks and feels fabulous but also lasts the test of time. It doesn't get more luxurious and stylish than these picks so your spouse or the couple will be smitten.

Whether you choose a silk sheet, the full silk duvet set, a set of silk pillowcases or a silk sleep mask, they'll be impressed with your good taste, sense of tradition and creativity.

Read on to discover our curated collection of anniversary gifts for the 12th wedding anniversary.

Silk sleep mask in gift box

Silk Sleep Mask

This is a little luxury item that can help you achieve deep sleep at any time of day or night. Only the finest Mulberry Silk is used, both inside and out, to craft this exquisite sleep mask. Featuring elasticated velvet straps that you tie-once-for-the-perfect-fit and oversized ergonomic shape to prevent annoying light from entering.

Here you will find a variety of hues and beautiful designs that will make a stunning silk anniversary gift.

£37 | Shop Now

Silk pillowcase set in gift boxes

Silk Pillowcases

One for you and one for her - choose the perfect pair of two pure silk pillowcases that match the decor of your bedroom. These are hand-cut for the perfect fit using Grade 6A Mulberry Silk in 25 Momme and presented in a gorgeous gift box. It is a gift for special occasions and it keeps on giving with its anti-aging and thermoregulating properties.

A range of colours and prints to choose from are available here.

£124 (Set of 2) | Shop Now

Award-winning silk bed linen set

Silk Full Duvet Set: 4 in 1

A Pure Silk Duvet Set is a stunning and thoughtful gift for a couple that want the best from life.

For a 12th wedding anniversary, it's the perfect gift as it is not only luxurious, incredibly comfortable but also exhibits numerous health and sleep benefits.

Silk doesn't dehydrate your skin and hair as cotton does. It maintains the natural moisture levels so your complexion and hair lustre is improved over time. Sleep hot or cold? No problem, as MayfairSilk regulates your body temperature into the optimum sleep zone no matter whether it be summer or winter.

Silk is one of the finest materials in the world, and gifting a duvet set crafted from this beautiful material on your 12th wedding anniversary is a sure thing to impress your spouse.

This anniversary silk gift set includes:

  • 1 x silk duvet cover crafted from 22 momme silk with hidden-button closure.
  • 1 x silk fitted sheet crafted from 22 momme silk.
  • 2 x silk pillowcases crafted from 25 momme silk.

All made from 100% Pure Grade 6A Mulberry Silk, hand-cut and expertly stitched by artisans.

For the standout 12th wedding anniversary gift see the full range of silk bed linen sets here.

From £935 | Shop Now


Anniversary gifts are a way to show your spouse how much you care and appreciate them. For the 12th wedding anniversary, silk is the traditional gift and it is adored today with its rising popularity in bedding.

Our selection of silk anniversary gifts includes items such as silk bed linen, that's machine washable, plush silk sleep masks, and divine silk pillowcases. All made from pure mulberry silk, these items are sure to impress your loved one. We have something for all tastes and budgets here at MayfairSilk.

Take a look through our silk collections and find the perfect traditional gift for your spouse or the couple.

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