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Best Silk Bedding Company of 2021

Know the Secrets of Silk from an Award Winning Company

In daily life, you might wear cotton, rayon, polyester, denim and wool. That's fine, however, at night your body needs peace and rejuvenation, and for that, there's no better option than pure silk.

MayfairSilk Silk Duvet Set - Award-winning

Mayfairsilk has received the Global Excellence Award for its dedication to producing the finest quality silk products. Our team of silk experts have curated a list of benefits found when using our silk products and how it can aid a blissful sleep after a long hectic day. 

The Anti-Ageing Quality 

One of the prime advantages is the anti-ageing effects of using silk bedding. The material doesn't leach moisture from your skin, which means that it helps to maintain the hydration and plumpness of skin cells, thereby reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing. Specifically, your body needs the best 6A Mulberry Silk!

Keeps You Younger & Glowing

Cotton absorbs 27 times its weight in water, making it very suitable for bath towels. In contrast, Mayfairsilk soaks up only 0.3 times its weight. The use of cotton during sleep for a prolonged period leads to premature hair drying, brittleness, and frizz. In addition, cotton can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites due to its moisture-absorbing properties.

By maintaining moisture in the skin and adding lustre to your hair, Mayfairsilk is an uplift in radiance. 

This beautiful textile maintains the inherent moisture, oils, and lustre of your hair, preventing friction and bedhead, while also extending your blow-drying in the process. Additionally, temperature control, convenient care, quality sleep, and sustainability are among the many other benefits.

Silk is soft, cool, and smooth to the touch. If you want to experience the finest in elegant comfort, choose Mayfairsilk - award-winning for the best silk bedding.

Helps Dealing with Allergies

Among the benefits of its products, Mayfairsilk notes that its silk is hypoallergenic. It resists dust mites, mould, fungi, and mildew. Moreover, silk's long and smooth fibres can also be beneficial for people suffering from skin allergies such as clothing dermatitis. The range of products from Mayfairsilk include pillowcases, sheets, duvets, and accessories such as cushion covers, sleep masks, hair scrunchies and face coverings. All made from 100% Mulberry Silk.

We ensure that every product meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means low chemical processing and free from all toxic chemicals, dyes, bleaches, formaldehyde, insecticides and other nasties. When you choose pure silk, it in turn cares for you, and the planet.

In Conclusion

Being an award-winning company, specialising in silk sheets, bed linen, pillowcases and accessories, sleeping in silk is pleasure in the simplest of moments. It's a pleasure to the touch, irresistibly soft, smooth and comforting. Designed and headquartered in the UK, we ship orders worldwide. If you want to experience the best in elegant comfort, try Mayfairsilk right away.

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