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Featured in Homes & Gardens Magazine: Mayfairsilk's Unique Patterned Silk Pillowcases

We are thrilled to announce that Mayfairsilk has been spotlighted in Homes & Gardens Magazine, a prestigious publication renowned for its exquisite blend of professional interior and garden design insights with consumer interests.

Homes & Gardens, a cornerstone of the UK's design community, distinguishes itself through a dedication to providing informative advice and expert insight, aiming to inspire accessible aspiration in every piece of content.

With a storied heritage that spans over a century, Homes & Gardens has established itself as a high-end brand synonymous with luxury, covering everything from celebrity homes to practical gardening tips for those dedicated to cultivating beauty in their living spaces. The magazine's global reach extends to an impressive readership of over 10 million readers each month, a testament to its influence and authority in the design world.

Our inclusion in such a revered publication for the bold patterns featured on our silk pillowcases is an honor that fills us with pride. The recognition by Homes & Gardens highlights our commitment to bringing luxury and design excellence into the homes of our customers.

Emilia Hitching, the Editor of Homes & Gardens, praised our fresh take on silk pillowcases, stating:

"To put a fresh twist on silk pillowcases, I like to shop at Mayfairsilk. This bedding brand also sells silk sheets and accessories, from scrunchies to sleep masks, which would make a great gift for a night owl."

As seen in Homes and Gardens Magazine:

Pure Silk Pillowcase

"I can't get over this color combination.
From afar, this white silk pillowcase appears to be covered with polka dots, but they're actually sea fans in aqua blue, sea green, and deep purple."

Pure Silk Pillowcase

"This limited edition design conjures a tropical paradise, etched in
Mediterranean blue against an ivory canvas. This pillowcase would really pop against plain white bedding.

Pure Silk Pillowcase

"This pillowcase combines delicate materials with a loud design. Made from 25 momme Mulberry Silk and woven with the highest grade long fibers, this leopard print is made to last."

We invite you to explore the latest patterns of our 25 momme silk pillowcases in the finest grade of Mulberry silk.

Discover why Homes & Gardens and its discerning readership celebrate our products and discover our latest silk pillowcase patterns here.

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