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Silk Single Fitted Sheets

Gone are the days when Egyptian cotton was considered the pinnacle of bedding luxury.

With the advent of pure silk sheets, the standards of sumptuous sleep have been redefined.

While Egyptian cotton has its merits, it falls short in comparison to the unparalleled softness, health benefits and aesthetic appeal of pure silk bed linen.

The Shift from Cotton to Silk

Egyptian cotton, known for its long fibres, has long been synonymous with quality and comfort. However, cotton, even of the highest quality and high thread counts, is susceptible to pilling over time, diminishing its once soft feel.

This issue, coupled with the fabric's tendency to absorb moisture, can lead to less than ideal sleep conditions as it harbours bacteria and does not wick away the moisture.

Enter the world of pure silk sheets, where luxury meets functionality.

Unlike cotton, silk naturally repels dust mites, mould, and fungi, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Moreover, silk's smooth fibres reduce friction against the skin and hair, promoting healthier skin and preventing hair tangling and breakage. They also leave your skin and hair's natural moisture intact which does not cause dehydration.

The Unrivalled Softness of Mulberry Silk

When it comes to silk, there are many types and options.

Not all silk is created equal, and within the realm of soft silk bed linen, Mulberry silk reigns supreme. It is a type of silk where the silk worms are fed a steady diet of mulberry leaves.

Renowned for its incredible softness and durability, Mulberry silk is the preferred choice for those seeking the ultimate in bed time luxury.

Within the grades of Mulberry silk, 6A stands out as the highest quality, offering unmatched smoothness and sheen.

At Mayfairsilk, we pride ourselves on offering 22 momme Grade 6A Mulberry Silk single fitted sheets, ensuring that our customers experience the best that silk bedding has to offer.

Our silk sheets are designed to envelop you in a cocoon of comfort, promoting a deeper, more restful night's sleep.

What size is a fitted sheet for a single bed?

The size of a single sheet fitted in the UK is 90 x 190cm, 3 feet x 6 feet 3inches, or 35.43 inches x 74.8 inches.

A Palette of Elegance for Single Fitted Sheets

Our single bed sheets in pure silk are available in various colours to complement any bedroom décor.

From the natural and un-dyed Ivory, which showcases silk's inherent beauty, to an array of other pastel colours such as Pink and light teal.

Other colours in the range include Oyster Grey, Champagne, Navy Blue and classic White.

Mayfairsilk offers a full spectrum of options to suit your personal style.

Each single fitted sheet in 22 momme thickness is meticulously crafted with a 35 cm depth and durable elastic, ensuring a perfect fit for your single bed mattress.

This attention to detail not only enhances the visual appeal of your bed sheets but also contributes to the longevity and performance of the silk sheet.

Each sheet comes in a presentation gift box and you can see the full silk single sheet range here.

Priced for Perfection

While it's true that the luxury of natural silk comes at a price, it's an investment in unparalleled comfort and quality.

The skilled process required to create our silk fabric reflects in its cost, but when considering the benefits of sleeping on Mulberry silk, the value is undeniable.

Not only does silk offer superior softness and hypoallergenic properties, but it also brings a touch of elegance to your sleep sanctuary.

Are we able to provide credit?

At Mayfairsilk, we recognise that adding the luxury of silk sheets to your life comes with financial considerations, especially with all the other expenses vying for attention each month. While the allure of transforming your sleep experience with silk is undeniable, it's also important to manage your finances wisely.

That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Clearpay, a service designed to make luxury products more accessible by offering a buy now, pay later option.

Here's the deal: Get what you love today and spread the cost over four equal payments, due every two weeks. And the best part? Your order ships immediately, allowing you to enjoy the unmatched comfort of silk sheets right away. Clearpay is committed to providing a seamless and affordable shopping experience, as a lender with zero interest and no additional fees, provided payments are made on time.

For example, a £200 purchase would be divided into four £50 payments made bi-weekly from the time of purchase, all while the product is already enhancing your sleep.

Furthermore, when you buy silk bed sheets from us, you're automatically enrolled in our rewards club. This exclusive membership grants you 10% of your total purchase back as store credit, which you can use towards future purchases within a year, exclusively online. For more deals on the finest material, take a look at our sale page (link to sale pg).

Embrace the luxury of Mayfairsilk, and let Clearpay help you manage the cost comfortably. (link to store credit page)


"I recently bought the Oyster grey single bed sheet and another one in pink colour and I must admit that I love the colours, the softness of the material & the regulated temperature during sleep.
My only regret I have is that I did not buy these fitted sheets sooner.

- Kitty L.
"I used to think that cotton in a high thread count was the most luxurious fabric when it came to sleep, but i was wrong - Mayfairsilk's 22 momme silk bed sheets are a game changer for being comfy and cosy in bed. I'm glad that they have availability in size single and have free next day delivery in the UK.
- Meghan P.
"I bought silk single fitted sheets online from a not so established brand and not only was the material flimsy, the colour kept bleeding with each wash. Not giving up all hope I decided to give one last try to Mayfairsilk as it is a company registered in the UK. The company works exclusively with silk and have a wide range of colours to choose from and my champagne sheet in 22 momme/thread count of silk has not lost its form or lustre after several washes over the last six months."
- Jason E.

In Conclusion

Transitioning to single fitted sheet in pure silk on your single mattress is more than just an upgrade in your sleep environment —it's a lifestyle choice that prioritises comfort, health, and luxury.

With Mayfairsilk's Grade 6A Mulberry Silk sheets, you're not just purchasing bedding; you're investing in countless nights of blissful sleep enveloped in the softest, most luxurious natural fabric in the world.

Embrace the change and discover the transformative power of sleeping on pure silk.

Let Mayfairsilk's single bed sheets be the foundation of your nightly retreat, where every sleep is a lavish escape into the world of dreams.

Mayfairsilk is based in London with our authorised warehouse in Essex, England.

For speedy delivery, shop online and we provide next day delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom and world wide delivery with customers in over 32 countries and counting.


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