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Collection: Silk Duvet Sets

Your bed has never felt more inviting. These exquisite duvet sets are carefully handcrafted from the finest Mulberry Silk with our bespoke weave and finish.

Set contains: 2x pillowcases, fitted sheet and duvet cover. Pillowcases are crafted from 25 momme silk and the duvet cover/sheets are 22 momme silk.

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Pure Mulberry Silk Duvet Sets

All our silk bed linen begins by selecting only the finest 100% long-fibre grade 6A Mulberry Silk. From there we employ the latest modern technology with a specialised weave and finishing process to produce an exquisite, indulgent fabric that is machine-washable. One that exhibits a refined matt finish, with pearlescent highlights and an incredibly smooth, supple hand feel.

Fitting for such beautiful fabric, skilled artisans carefully craft each item into our bespoke designs with an inimitable finish and feel that complements the modern bedroom.

Consider this ...
You will spend ~2700 hours in bed over the next 12 months, 27000 hours over the next decade.

That's around one-third of your life, between the sheets. We all need sleep for our nervous system to shut down, memories to be stored and our cells to rest and rejuvenate.

High quality sleep leads to high performance and improved health.

There simply isn't a more luxurious, comfortable, ideal fabric to sleep in than high-quality silk.

It's divine against the skin, temperature controls to remain comfortable, keeps skin and hair hydrated, hypoallergenic, dries quickly and stays fresh longer than cotton so you need to wash it less frequently.

MayfairSilk is designed to last - you can look forward to over a decade of use when following our care instructions (that includes machine-washing).

Discover for yourself why it's referred to as the "Queen of textiles" since the 27th century BC.

"Pleasure in the simplest of moments"